Ferrari 488

Quick Pricing Guide

Ferrari 488 Catalytic Converters

  • $1,500 – Full cat bypass pipes, recommended with 02 sensor spacers or tune. Off road use only.
  • $1,900 – Sport cat pipes 200 cell

Ferrari 488 Catback Exhausts 

  • $2,300 -Ferrari 488 Exhaust in Stainless
  • $3,800 -Ferrari 488 Exhaust in TITANIUM
  • $1,400 -Ferrari 488 Exhaust INSTALLATION, any brand.

Ferrari 488 Full Systems w/Installations in Houston,Texas.

  • $5000 -Ferrari 488 COMPLETE PACKAGE. Everything you need for a turn key setup at a discounted rate. Includes cat delete pipes, stainless exhaust and installation. For 200 cell sport cats add $300.

  • $6500 -Ferrari 488 COMPLETE PREMIUM PACKAGE with TITANIUM exhaust version. For 200 cell sport cats add $300.

Ferrari 488 GTB 
Bespoke made exhaust system for your Ferrari. No modifications needed for installation. Huge 3inch tubing for max power featuring a true X merge for an enhanced Ferrari tone. Available in either stainless steel or exotic full titanium construction for max weight savings. These are made in house, not overseas.

HIGH TEMP CERAMIC black satin finish also available.

Titanium – Ultra light weight with the most exotic tone. Aerospace grade material carefully back purged TIG welded together in a controlled environment. The absolute best of the best.

Ferrari 488GTB with our complete package.

-FULL cat deletes & stainless exhaust system.