Frequently asked questions…

1. How can you offer these prices? Are these Made in China?
I can give these low prices because I am the manufacturer and retailer. There is no middle man or huge overhead jacking the price up.

2. I saw “Rev” brand on eBay for less! Can you beat their price?
No. They’re dirt cheap because they’re made overseas. Like a fake Polo shirt, it will look kind of the same but it wont last as long. Support MADE IN USA!

3. What is the difference between resonated and non resonated?
Resonated basically means we’re using our bullet style resonators/mufflers in the system.

Non resonated is also known as “straight pipe” but dont be confused by the term. It is not literally just a piece of pipe. Both versions will use our in house made Xpipe for the best sound possible.

4. Ok now I know what resonated means but what do they do to the exhaust?
Resonators make the sound much deeper. In a sense yes it does make it a little more quiet than having a non resonated system. What it mainly does though is “clean up” the tone to be less aggressive.

5. So which version should I order?
Well that is all personal preference BUT if you’re unsure I will gladly give you my suggestion for your car depending on which one it is.

6. Will I get a check engine light?
Not at all.

7. I’m an owner of a shop, can I get the 1st one discounted for my personal car? It will help bring more sales.
After this scenario happened several times our policy has changed. First exhaust will be at full price. When you sell the 2nd one to your customer I will give it to you at the “special” price and you can keep the difference.

8. Is there drone?
Not at all.

9. Do you do installs?
If you’re in the Houston area yes.

10. I don’t see my car listed, can you make something for it?
Possibly yes -IF- its a chassis that will be worth the R&D. Most cars have many options readily available.

New exotics are always a plus.

Systems go thru various stages of development.